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Kids Sunglasses: Why you need to know about Sunnies!

Updated: Jun 28

Sunnies is the new, must-have sunglasses brand for kids.

I admit, I've never spent more than £5 on a pair of sunglasses for the ruggies. Why? Because, I know they'll break them. So, when Sunnies got in touch to see if the ruggies wanted to try out its new durable brand (from £19.99 a pair), I thought it was worth a shot!

My first impression of Sunnies was they certainly know their stuff. I was impressed with its 'Be Sun-nies Smart Guide'. It includes useful information every parent should know. I certainly learnt a thing or two:

  • Children do need to wear sunglasses

  • Children receive three times the annual sun exposure of adults

  • Children have a much greater risk of developing serious damage to their vision than adults

  • A child's corneas, lenses and fluids are clearer than an adults so are more easily affected

  • A child's eyes allow more short wavelength light to reach the retina which can lead to cataracts

Jack and Erin got very excited when our Sunnies arrived in the post. We were lucky to receive:

Blossom Pink Aviators, £19.99

Hazy Days Blue Wayfarers, £21.99

Sunny Yellow Wayfarers, £19.99

Night-time Black Aviators, £19.99

The Hazy Days Blue Wayfarers were an instant hit with Jack. His exact words were, "These are so cool!" Erin took a liking to the Blossom Pink Aviators. They both put them on and started running around the garden. Jack quickly came back and wanted to try on the Sunny Yellow Wayfarers, and shortly after the Night-time Black Aviators.

My first thought was how durable the sunglasses were. They could be bent in many directions without breaking. The Sunnies were more lightweight than other sunglasses we've owned. Jack and Erin both kept them on for at least 30 minutes while playing - the longest they've ever worn a pair of sunglasses. It could've been down to the fact they enjoyed wearing something new. However, it did make me think perhaps the comfortable fit meant they could play without the Sunnies getting in the way - in comparison to other sunglasses that slide down their nose or fall off.

I preferred the Wayfarer style on Jack and Erin. But that's my personal style preference.

I'm aware the Sunnies were gifted, however our experience with the brand has made me reconsider the type of sunglasses I buy for Jack and Erin going forward. I now realise how fragile their eyes are and therefore how important it is to invest in a good pair.

Sunnies cost three times more than I'd normally pay. However, if you register your glasses within 30 days, Sunnies will replace lost or broken purchases free of charge. You can't get any better than that! Feeling confident the sunglasses will last an entire summer, if not more, I'd certainly be more than happy to up my budget. Sunnies, it's official - I'm a convert!

If you're looking for sunglasses for your baby or child this summer do give Sunnies a go. You won't be disappointed!

Abbie x

A bit about Sunnies

Sunnies is based in Buckinghamshire and was founded by life-long friends Caroline and Nick.

Caroline, a mother to six children, has a number of successful start-up businesses behind her, as well as extensive experience in the baby and nursery retail industry.

Nick, a father to two children, has become a talented business entrepreneur following a serious injury and discharge from the Army.

Sunnies come in sizes from 0-2 years and 3-5 years.

You can browse Sunnies online shop here www.sunniesforkids.com

*Please note Sunnies gifted its sunglasses in return for an honest review on Mummy & the Ruggies. All opinions are my own.*




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