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Spoonful of Nana founded by Sophie Osgood

Updated: Jun 28

Spoonful of Nana is a business mums must check out. From baby massage classes, to helping mums with self-care, and knowledge about doTERRA oils for your family, Spoonful of Nana offers the whole mum-wellness package! Read on to find out more.

I love getting to know other small businesses in my home town of Newbury, and really enjoyed finding out what Spoonful of Nana is all about.

I'll admit I had heard of Spoonful of Nana but because my children aren't babies anymore (sob) I don't tend to dig deeper into businesses offering baby massage. However, now I'm kicking myself as Sophie Osgood has set up a wonderful business for mums - whether your babies are 6 weeks or 6 years old. I'm a new fan!

Sophie, the founder of Spoonful of Nana, not only offers baby massage classes, but shares regular self-care advice for mums and within this, her knowledge about natural oils for the family.

A big "Well done Mumpreneur" to you Sophie. What a wonderful business you have created around your family!

I'll now hand my blog over to Sophie to tell you more...


Interview with founder, Sophie Osgood

What's your business' name?

My business is called ‘Spoonful of Nana’, this came about from being a Norland nanny and supporting parents in various services. I have since become a mumma, However the name has stuck!

What does your business do? Within Spoonful Of Nana there are three main services:

  • Baby Massage classes

  • Encouraging mums to think about their self-care

  • Advice about pure doTERRA essential oils for your family's wellness

I do this by hosting classes, webinars and posting encouragement through my social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram.

What's the story behind your business? Why did you launch it? I have naturally been drawn to helping and guiding parents when they have a baby. It started with nannying, then baby massage, and soon progressed onto self-care for mums. I dug even deeper into everything when I had my own baby. I wrap this all up with using natural essential oils for the family.

My mission is to inspire, empower and nurture those around me. I do this by keeping a real and honest relationship with those families who come to me, sharing our days and what helps me.

Within the essential oils side of my business I show families how they can support their wellness by using natural products. I love to share how doTERRA oils have empowered me to take mine and my family's health into my own hands and want to help other families discover the positive benefits oils can bring too.

How do you juggle your own business around your family? I give myself small manageable tasks. When my daughter naps I can get some prep work started and then finished off in the evenings - sometimes!

When I teach a baby massage class my parents have my daughter, and at the weekend if my fiance isn’t working I can fit some work in. I also try to have photos ready or bulk plan content when I’m feeling inspired.

But my daughter's around most of the time, and I’ve begun to accept that's she's part of my business. The reason why I started a business was so I can be with her.

What’s it like launching a business in Berkshire? Any tips? Launching a business in an area I have worked in for years has really helped as I know a few other business women and classes. Newbury is also my home town so I’m very comfortable here.

My tips when it comes to launching a new business is to connect and network as much is comfortable for you.

What’s been your most valuable investment for your business? I have paid for various retreats, classes and courses to better understand myself and my abilities, these are all so valuable. As is self-care!

What advice would you offer parents wanting to launch their own business? Tap into the reason WHY you want to start a business, find your passion and work out how you can make a living from inspiring and empowering others to do so.

By being honest with my partner about the importance of my business (especially at the start) has also helped and made sure we share the parenting load.

Give a shout out to another mumpreneur in Berkshire… I have met many mumpreneurs I want to give a shout out to, but today I’ll share the love to Michelle Green founder of, The Beauty Spot with Michelle. She's always so happy to reassure me and her social media posts are uplifting and make me smile.

Finally, where can we find out more about Spoonful of Nana?

My website includes information about everything Spoonful of Nana offers, www.spoonfulofnana.co.uk.

However, I'd love a follow on my Facebook and Instagram pages which is where I chat, share and connect with mums.

If you'd like to appear in the Berkshire Mumpreneur slot get in touch with me hello@mummyandtheruggies.co.uk

You can read more about other Berkshire Mumpreneurs here.




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