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Sevylor Puddle Jumper, I salute you!

Updated: Jun 28

The puddle jumper suit gave me and Ruggie 2 confidence in the water.

Throw back to our not so sunny holiday in Croatia. This picture of Erin (Ruggie 2) was on one of the days where the rain did stop and we got to spend time in the pool.

Prior to our holiday, Erin had only been swimming a handful of times. I feel terrible saying that out loud. She's now 20 months! I'm afraid it is a case of Erin being the second child. I haven't had the time. And when there have been opportunities, Erin has been unwell. Because of this, I was really excited to see Erin in the pool on holiday. Even more gutting that the sun hardly came out and we didn't get to enjoy much pool action.

However, on one of the sunny days (we had two) we tried out the Sevylor Puddle Jumper. It was recommended to me by another parent at home who had also purchased one for their toddler. I was unsure about the best thing to buy for Erin as Jack's armbands were too big and the baby swim float we had was too small. This parent had said the Puddle Jumper helped keep their child in the right swimming position while enabling them to kick their legs without too much support (from the parent). As Erin is Miss Independent, it sounded like a good option to try.

At first Erin refused to put the Puddle Jumper on. Cue rolling eyes from the husband - more money spent on something that would sit at the back of the wardrobe! However, after a bit of negotiating from me (aka bribing), Ruggie 2 happily slipped her arms in.

It's very easy to put on. You put your child's arms into the armbands at the side and fasten the clip at the back. Voila.

In that instant I knew the Puddle Jumper was going to be my friend. Erin went into the water, sat down and toppled forward. The float kept her face out of the water and gave her enough buoyancy to get herself back up again. It gave her confidence, as much as it gave me. She happily played in the suit without it getting in the way.

The only negative is the suit is quite big, so transporting it around isn't the easiest task. But when you're used to being loaded up with children's luggage, another item doesn't make the biggest of difference.

So, thumbs up from the Dando family for the Sevylor Puddle Jumper. We got ours from Argos for £16.99.

Happy swimming!

Abbie x




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