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NEW LOOK SPREE: Midi-skirt, t-shirt, bag + pumps

Updated: Apr 21

After snapping many 'school gate style' images, it made me realise how much I spend at New Look! The retailer has 25% off until tonight too.

I'm really enjoying taking School Gate Style snaps. However, scrolling through my images I realised how much money New Look has got of mine lately. Oops.

It got me asking myself "Why New Look?"

The shop is right on my doorstep, so I guess that helps. But I think the biggest reason is they stock on-trend, casual styles, for an affordable price.

I've always been one to follow fashion. I have a degree in the subject. By no means does that make me a fashionista - I've no idea about designers. But it does mean every season I purchase a few 'throwaway' on-trend pieces. I can't help myself. And, as New Look fulfills that 'need' of mine, I guess it makes me their dream customer!

Right, so this (New Look heavy) outfit, ticked many School Gate Style boxes:

Practical? Tick.

Doesn't crease? Tick.

Can get away with greasy hand marks? Tick.

Can be worn with pumps? Tick.

School gates appropriate? Tick.

Here's the details if you fancy any of them:

New Look also has 25% off online for the rest of today. Happy shopping!

Abbie x


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