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STORY FOR 5 YEAR OLDS: Sam, the boy who loves sport

Updated: Jun 11

A free story for 5 year olds who need something new to read.

Jack's happy with his new storybook, even if he did want the main character to be called Jack!

Lockdown has given us more time which has resulted in many of us trying new things. One of my 'new' things was writing a book for Jack to read. I admit this started as an activity to get Jack to do some writing for school, but it turned into something I found myself enjoying - much more than him anyway!

I've discovered Jack's what you call a 'reluctant reader'

I've very much discovered during lockdown that Jack is what you call a 'reluctant reader'. Whenever it comes to reading practise he huffs and he puffs. When he starts reading I'm surprised about how much he can read - he obviously just doesn't enjoy doing it.

I find this hard as I LOVE books. Even though I suppose my love-affair for a good novel didn't really start until my late twenties. People have given me tips time and time again to get Jack to read. The biggest success was buying him a joke book - at least he was reading something!

I might've got carried away with our storybook activity!

Anyway, so when we sat down to write a storybook together, Jack got stuck into his (about a pizza delivery man and slime!) and I got stuck into mine.

He looked at mine and instantly said, "My name's not Sam."

"I know!" I thought. I was just trying to write a story that he potentially might like to read that night.

I've struggled to find stories to engage Jack, but I have discovered he's drawn to sport related books - even though they are normally non-fiction. I thought a story about a boy playing football might float his boat.

"Sam, the boy who loves sport" has simple sentences

The story is by no means adventurous. I've tried to keep it simple to remind Jack of times when he played with his friends. I also wanted the sentences to be short and easy enough for him to read, while practicing some of the common Year 1 tricky words.

Thankfully the story was a hit. I even overheard Jack say to Erin one morning, "Mummy made this book for me. But the boy is named Sam, not Jack." Maybe I should have named the boy Jack!

You can download the book if you're looking for a new bedtime story

It occurred to me that other households might be having the same battles with their sport-mad, outdoorsy-type, reluctant readers. So I thought I'd share it.

It's nowhere near perfect and it's very much out of my comfort zone. But I thought it might provide one extra reading material for your bedtime stories. Whether your little person wants to read the book themselves, or you read it to them.

Download "Sam, the boy who loves sport" here

You can download "Sam, the boy who loves sport" here.

If it's a hit, who knows I might make Jack some more...

Sam, the boy who loves sport
A peek at the first few pages to see if you fancy it

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