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Pop Up Play Village role play kits to hire!

Updated: Jul 29

Are you missing your usual Pop Up Play Village sessions? You can now hire the role play kits to keep the kiddies entertained at home over the summer.

Pop Up Play Village role play kit hire

We were delighted when Pop Up Play Village got in touch asking if we'd like to review its role play kits that are now available to hire. Jack and Erin used to really enjoy Pop Up Play Village sessions - we even attended the odd party.

Pop Up Play Village sessions are all about learning through role play. Despite Jack enjoying the sessions, role play has never really been his thing. However, since Erin arrived I'm always being asked to play 'make believe'. She can ask me to be a number of things from a cat, to a shop keeper and sometimes even her baby!

9 role play sets for hire

As Pop Up Play Village sadly can't run its usual interactive sessions, it's been hiring out the role play equipment over the past few months.

There are nine different role play sets that you can choose from:

  • Construction site

  • Vet surgery

  • Hospital

  • Baby nursery

  • Supermarket

  • Cafe

  • Outdoor explorers

  • Library

  • Baby play area

Jack loves to build things and Erin loves animals, so we chose the Construction Site and the Vet Surgery to play with.

Role play sets come packaged up neatly in boxes

Equipment is delivered to your front door

What initially amazed me about hiring the equipment was how easy it was! Once you've filled in a few forms, the role play sets are arranged to be delivered to your front door and are collected from you too (all included in the price).

The role play sets arrived in stackable boxes and the kiddies excitedly got stuck in.

If you're a little panicked about losing things like me, fear not as each box has a checklist inside. It meant I didn't have to worry about taking note of everything the kiddies pulled out.

Jack unpacking the bricks into his wheelbarrow
Construction Site includes bricks, tools, dress-up and a wheelbarrow!

Jack put on his hi-vis jacket and starting putting the bricks into the wheelbarrow. He then wheeled the bricks through to another room to start building a house.

He really enjoyed going back and forth collecting his bricks and delivering them to where he was playing. Once he had all the bricks he needed he explored what he could do with the tools.

The role play set includes a variety of plastic and wooden tools, and a tape measure. Jack pretended to put cement down, smooth it over, then placed his brick down and tapped it into place. This kept him amused for quite some time!

Jack building a house!

Vet Surgery includes animals, medical set, X-rays, dress-up and pet beds

Erin couldn't believe her eyes when one of the dress-up outfits had Doc McStuffin on! She loves watching Doc McStuffin on TV look after all the toys.

As Erin's a bit younger, we set the Vet Surgery up for her. She started using the medical kit to see to the animals and make sure they were 'okay'.

The Surgery comes with a telephone and Erin really enjoyed me pretending to ring up to book one of my pets in to see a doctor.

The X-rays are a great addition to the play set as it extended the role play conversation and we were talking about bones and other parts inside our bodies.

Erin took a special liking to the white fluffy cat, but the Surgery came with 10 different soft animals, so there were plenty to choose from. Including rabbits, dogs, frogs and even a parrot!

Erin looking after the animals

Extra resources to inspire play ideas

I was really impressed with the extra resources that were included with each role play set. They suggested plenty of ideas to incorporate number and letter learning into your play time.

Something that would be particularly helpful if you've had pre-school and school children at home at lot lately due to lockdown. Jack really enjoyed some of these tasks and it got us using the role play kits in a different way.

Extra play ideas to help with letter and number learning
Cost of hire is £24.50 for Monday-Friday or Friday-Monday

It costs £24.50 to hire a role play set for either Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday. It might sound a bit pricey, however when you break it down to approximately £5 a day for a family, it's not that much at all.

I can also confirm that the role-play-set fun didn't last just one day. The kiddies played with it every single day and the longer we had it, the more they tried a variety of play ideas.

By the last day, Jack was building tunnels for his cars to go through, and even built a chair with a cup holder for him to sit in front of the TV in!

I know the equipment hire has been a hit during lockdown. I'm sure it'll be equally as popular over the summer holidays as we all look for ways to entertain the children at home!

Jack's turn to look after the animals

Everything was clean and spotless

Understandably, families might be worried about how clean the equipment is at the moment. However, everything arrived spotless and I had no concerns about its cleanliness.

Pop Up Play Village also confirm that they clean and sterilise everything thoroughly before the equipment is delivered to you.

Here's how to hire the role play sets

If you're looking for things to do over the summer holidays, I'd definitely recommend giving Pop Up Play Village role play hire a go!

Get in touch with your local branch (here) to hire the equipment.

We hired the role play sets from Pop Up Play Village Newbury (click here to follow them on Facebook).

However, I also follow Pop Up Play Village for Wokingham, Henley and Ascot on Facebook (here) for daily play ideas. They're fab!

Have a great summer!

Abbie x

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