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KD Gymnastics in Newbury

Updated: Jun 28

My little Ninja Kid! KD Gymnastics fun in Newbury.

Since Jack (Ruggie 1) was born he's always been naturally coordinated. By the age of two he already owned his own set of golf clubs! Sports, especially a sport involving a ball, was what he loved best. So when he asked me to join a gymnastics club at the start of the year I have to admit I was wary. Not that I didn't want him to join, I just assumed it wouldn't be his thing (and a waste of money).

How wrong was I. Ever since his first session Jack has thoroughly enjoyed his class at KD Gymnastics in Newbury. The coaches' taking the class have always been enthusiastic too.

At Jack's level (recreational) he gets to use all of the equipment and learn new skills every week. The all-round fitness and development the children gain from the class is fantastic. I don't think he'd get that benefit from any other sport he currently plays. Jack has particularly taken to the bars. He loves swinging on them. I can't get over how he holds his body weight up. Every park that has monkey bars or swinging hoops, he's there taking on the challenge. Nile Wilson, watch out!

Jack also likes that they have an opportunity to earn a certificate and a badge. This was something I enjoyed at first too. Watching his face as he collected his badge was the best. However, as the badges get harder as the children go to the next level, they are less easily obtainable. It's not easy to watch your child come out of class disappointed. But, I guess it's a great life lesson. Work hard and get the reward.

On top of the classes, KD Gymnastics' runs a holiday club and adhoc 'babysitting' services. You drop the children off at 7.30pm. They enjoy playing with their friends. You pick them up at 10pm. We haven't tried this out yet as bedtime for the Ruggies is still early. However, I'd imagine if you had older children this would be a handy service to use and go out for dinner with your other half.

This week is badge week. Jack's going for his number six. Wish him (and me) luck!

Abbie x




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