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My baby is 5

Updated: Apr 21

Time goes too fast, the past five years have flown by.

My baby boy, Ruggie 1, turned 5.

Just the thought of writing this post makes me feel emotional. Five! How did my baby turn five?

Despite being an emotional person, I'm not very sentimental. I don't guard many keepsakes, Pete and I never go all out on anniversaries, I couldn't even tell you the date we met. But every year when Jack's birthday comes around, a sudden pang of emotion comes over me. Each year hits me harder. Turning one was tough. Three confirmed my baby had gone. And five. Five is a different ball game altogether. He's officially a boy.

Maybe it has something to do with your first born. There are a lot of firsts with baby number one. It's your introduction to parenthood. The shock that comes with a little human relying on you is huge. You learn how to survive on no sleep, you become less self involved, your social-life, work-life, and friends-in-your-life all turn upside down. I didn't feel so sad when Ruggie 2 turned one. But then we were still deep in sleep deprivation. I'll have to wait to see what happens when the terrible-two birthday strikes this year.

Back to Jack. He's certainly been an adventure for the past five years. To start with he flew into the world. Literally. I wasn't flying at the time mind you! He's an "intense boy" as Pete would put it. He's always looking for what's next: he finds something to play with, cracks it, and moves on. This is a boy who learnt how to hit a golf ball (well) and owned a set of golf clubs before he turned two. His coordination and physical skills are something that continue to amaze me.

Despite my crazy Jack running at 100 miles an hour every day, since growing up he's shown he can be sensitive and kind too. He loves playing and laughing with others. He likes to share if he thinks there's a game in it. He's also very easy to negotiate with. He might stamp a foot. But talk him round, and he's up for it. I'll always love this about Jack.

So...happy birthday Jack. I hope you enjoyed your day. We love you very much. Now please take your time to turn six. Five is big enough thank you!

Abbie x





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