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A morning with Mums in Business Association

Updated: Jun 28

Child-friendly business networking for mummies in Newbury, Berkshire.

Last week I spent the morning with Erin (Ruggie 2) at the Mums in Business Association (MIBA) event in Newbury. This was the second event I've attended now and I always come back buzzing.

Since having children, trying to carve out an opportunity to work has not been easy. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to freelance in my previous career. However, after many years of juggling work and mummy life, I wanted to find a job where I could be around more for my children. This led me to launching my own copywriting business. It had been something I'd wanted to do for a while. Having my second child just gave me the push I needed to do it. Despite it being an exciting decision, it was also a scary decision. I was turning my back on an industry I'd worked in for over a decade.

Mums in Business Association has helped me immensely since launching Copy. Write. Networking is crucial when running your own business. However, finding time to network with young children is not easy. MIBA allows you to bring your children. I love that I can be in a room chatting to like-minded women while having Erin with me. Ok, so she's not always the quietest of members, but as the other people in the room are mums, they all understand. There's always a speaker at the event too giving insights into something useful for every business owner. I've found this invaluable. It's great to walk away from the event having learnt something new.

I'm such an advocate for supporting women in the workplace. Honestly, if you'd asked me before I had children I would've wondered what all of the fuss was about. Post children, it has made me realise how far behind many businesses are. It's very worrying. It's why the number of females launching their own businesses (especially mums) is rising. Businesses are not supporting us, so we've found another way to support ourselves.

I'm in a very fortunate position that we could survive as a family without me working. But my biggest worry was that I didn't want Erin growing up thinking she couldn't be whatever she wanted to be. I want to be a writer as well as a Mummy. So that's what I'm doing. I hope Erin can see too that she can make choices and she doesn't need to let motherhood get in her way.

So, thank you MIBA. Thank you for giving me the courage to follow my dreams. And thank you for supporting me being a mummy who works.

Abbie x




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