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Mummy & the Ruggies 2019

Updated: Apr 21

Looking back on our year: the things I loved, the challenges and what I hope for our little family in 2020.

Mummy, Daddy and the Ruggies on Christmas Day 2019.

I didn't plan to write a blog post about 2019, I'm not one for New Year resolutions. I used to make resolutions in my twenties, but over the years I've realised how they make January more depressing. I never stick to them!

Anyway, as I went for a run (this is prime thinking time for me), I realised how rubbish I am at documenting memories. It's one of the reasons I started a blog. I'm not great at printing pictures and putting them up in our home. I'm also not very sentimental. But it occurred to me how much I have to be thankful for this year. So, I thought I should write everything down. 2019 is a good year to remember.

Here it is. Mummy and the Ruggies' 2019 in a nutshell.

THE GOOD: things I want to remember

  • Reading Half Marathon: achieving my ambition to run the Reading Half Marathon.

  • Starting my own business: launching Copy Write and making it a success.

  • New home: Moving house means we're closer to my parents. I love that we can walk to them and enjoy 'popping in'

  • Summer holidays: I was worried about juggling six weeks of work and the children, however I loved it. It was great having the freedom to do what we wanted everyday.

  • Costa Adeje: we discovered Costa Adeje in Tenerife last year. One of our best holidays yet!

  • Jack and school: Jack is still enjoying school and doing well. Phew!

  • New 'Mummy' friends: I've made some great new 'mummy' friends through Jack's school. Many I know will be friends for a long time!

  • Visits to Great Nanny Amy: Enjoying many mornings with Great Nanny Amy (who is 90 this year!)

  • Sunday 'Funday': Pete introduced this concept into our household in 2019. Every Sunday we don't do any chores. We get out of the house to enjoy time as a family.

  • Meeting small business owners in Berkshire: the small business networks in Newbury have been so much fun. I've loved getting to know new and inspiring people.

  • Not caring so much about house work: I've learnt to be more relaxed about keeping the house tidy. It still pains me to see a messy house, but I've realised when working with young children, something had to give.

  • Health: We're all very lucky to have had good health in 2019.

  • Reflexology: I discovered reflexology at the end of 2019. It made me feel relaxed, but also energised a few days following the session.

Summer fun from 2019

THE CHALLENGES: the things I need to learn from/change

  • Building a new business around a young family: It looks glamorous, but it's tough. I've been getting up at 5am and often not going to bed until 11pm. However, I love running my own business and realise sacrifices have to come with it.

  • Trying to achieve a work life balance: Juggling looking after the children around my own business this past year has been difficult. I've tried to get the balance between the children, the business, me, time with my husband, as well as keeping a house running and all of the school admin. I definitely didn't achieve the right balance in 2019 so I'm trying new tactics for 2020. I'll share tips if they work out!

  • Sibling squabbles: I never knew sibling squabbles would be such a challenge. But, they are. It's horrid and it's tough. I'm still trying to work out how to manage them!

  • Fitting in exercise: exercise makes me feel good, however finding the time to do it has been difficult. I've booked myself in for the Reading Half Marathon again for 2020 to motivate me to FIND the time.

  • Moving house: moving house was a positive, but it was also a big challenge. Not just the physical aspects of selling a house and buying one, but the emotions that come with it too. Jack sobbed the first night in our new home. He still says he missed his old house now. However, I have to give a big shout out to Thatcham Removals. They packed up our home and moved us in such an efficient, tidy and pain-free way. Thank you!

  • Erin's 2 year sleep regression: I was sleeping on the floor for about 3-months at the end of 2019. However, a friend told me about a tactic to ease out of the room, then door, then onto the hallway, and eventually back to my own room bit by bit. It took a long time, however we got there! Erin still asks me to "sleep outside her door", which I might add I tell her "yes" but I don't! If you're going through a regression hang on in there.

  • Very little sleep: I'm sure many other parents will have had this challenge in 2019 too. Erin's regression, coupled with my business, meant I have been surviving on about 4 - 6 hours sleep a night. I definitely think it's started to show with the extra wrinkles! But, I'm hoping some new habits and regular reflexology is going to help in 2020.

The Ruggies not fighting for once, and my last time setting up 'office' in our old house

GOALS FOR 2020: I'm not setting resolutions, I'm setting myself goals!

  • More date nights with Pete: we don't see each other enough anymore!

  • More time with good friends: especially those I didn't see enough of in 2019.

  • To be stricter with my weekly routine: I want to spend more one-on-one quality time with Jack and Erin. It's too easy to run errands or have coffee dates for a coffee date sake.

  • Running the Reading Half Marathon: I'm running it in 2020 with my very good friend Emma. We hope to raise money for Cancer Research UK in memory of Emma's sister-in-law Gemma who became an angel FAR too soon.

  • Copy Write to continue to be successful: I had a great year in 2019. The business far exceeded my expectations. I'm lucky enough to have my time booked out for Q1 already and hope to focus the rest of the year writing for businesses I love.

  • See Nanny Amy every month: my Nanny is a wonderful person, I love spending time with her. She will be 90 in May and I want to make sure I spend as much time with her as I possibly can.

  • Be stricter with my working hours: I spent a lot of 2019 working in the evening and at weekends. I'm going to try and not let work slip into home and family time so I can enjoy these moments.

  • Live for the day: I'm a natural planner and I always have a to-do list and a schedule. I want to try and be more relaxed about this and just enjoy every day.

  • More days out with my family: I want to continue making memories with Pete and the Ruggies. I do find we all get on better when out and about, so here's to lots of new adventures for 2020.


If you've got this far, thanks for reading my very self-indulgent post! To finish here are some of my favourite things I want to remember from 2019.

I hope you have a happy and healthy year. Here's to 2020!

Abbie x

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