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Life and Mindset Coaching founded by Jenni Donato

Updated: Jun 28

Are you a busy mum who wants to find a better life balance? If yes, read on to find out about Jenni Donato's Life and Mindset Coaching business.

The world through a child's eyes looks very different to what we see as an adult. A few years ago, Jenni Donato was in complete awe as she watched her daughter tackle a rare hip condition with such positivity. She saw how approaching circumstances with a different mindset could change someone's way of thinking.

Using this as inspiration - coupled with a decade of experience changing mindsets about environmental design in a corporate world - Jenni launched Life and Mindset Coaching with Jenni Donato.

It's been so inspiring getting to know Jenni. I've listened to her at few business events and I always leave with new ideas to make me feel productive, rather than just busy. A big #WellDoneMumpreneur to you Jenni!

Read on to find out more...


What does 'Life and Mindset Coaching with Jenni Donato' offer?

My business helps busy mums find a balance while being able to design a future they deserve!

Jenni, what's the story behind your business?

When my daughter was two-and-a-half years old she was diagnosed with a rare hip condition. We had a few months of tough times consisting of operations and complex treatment.

I don’t mind admitting I wasn’t the mum I wanted to be for my daughter during this time. However, watching her determination to smile and enjoy life, despite some pretty life-limiting treatment, she showed me what determination could achieve and gave me the inspiration I needed to follow my own dream of becoming a Life and Mindset Coach.

I used to work in the environment industry. Taking a decade of experience in this field, where I worked with private companies and governments to shift mindsets around environmental design, I moved my mindset work closer to home.

I now help busy mums shift their mindsets to a more balanced life. It means they can enjoy life with their family, whilst following their own dreams. Whether that's simply living a fulfilled life as a working mum, or building a multi-million pound business, without it impacting on your family. Your future is your decision. I just show mums the way to get there!

How do you juggle your own business around your family?

Now my daughter is at school and my son has settled with an amazing childminder three days a week, I (normally) have enough time to focus on my business and juggle life as a busy mum.

I keep my business time and family time separate as much as I can, but – like many mums – sometimes struggle with the boundaries!

I have a vision for my future and the future of my business and I set yearly, monthly and weekly goals. I make sure I keep working towards those goals, even if on the occasional week, for example when the kids are ill, when only baby steps get done.

It’s amazing what change you can make with consistent progress and a clear vision for the future!

What’s it like launching a business in Berkshire? Any tips?

It’s hard work! My biggest tip would be get support from someone who knows what they’re doing. Like a Life and Mindset Coach (no promotion intended ha ha)!

But seriously, launching a business takes time, energy, focus, support and – quite often – money if you want to launch fast and start to get a return on your investment!

Working with people who have done what you want to, means you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. If you can find a way to get support and set yourself up so others to do parts of your business you don’t want to, you’ll end up with a profitable business where you’re just doing the fun stuff. The stuff you wanted to do in the first place. Isn’t that where every business owner wants to end up?

What’s been your most valuable investment for your business?

I’ve made a few, one of which was a business coach with whom I undertook a Business Architect Course. She gave me the foundations of a great, automated, business with less of the ‘admin’ and more of the mindset to provide massive value for my clients and achieve big things for my business!

I’ve also recently just taken on a Virtual Assistant to help with the overall running of my business and help pull in more clients who can benefit from my new virtual platform, The Mind Spa (launched September 2019). I’m so excited about the next enrolment into the Spa!

What advice would you offer parents wanting to launch their own business?

Pretty much the same as I’ve put above - make sure you have a vision for the type of business you want to achieve. Your ideal dream business.

Once you have the vision, get a plan, stay consistent, get support from people who have done what you want to do, then enjoy the process!

Launching a business, watching it grow and starting to make a real difference (for you and for others) isn’t for the fainthearted. But, it is one of the most fulfilling things in life, outside of being a mum of course!

Give a shout out to another mumpreneur in Berkshire...

One of my amazing clients Sarah Collison who has big plans for her hypnobirthing company.

She's is amazingly kind, passionate and dedicated to helping parents-to-be through the rollercoaster ride of child birth. I did some hypnobirthing when I had my first child and I must say it made a massive difference in turning total paralysing fear into excitement about meeting my daughter for the first time. It’s definitely a service I would recommend any parent-to-be to invest in.

Finally, where's the best place to find out more and follow you?

My website www.jennidonato.com

My main Facebook page

My More to Me Than Mum Facebook group

My Mind Spa




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