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I need your help! How do I handle sibling squabbles?

Updated: Apr 21

The sibling squabbles have hit another level in our household. I need all the tips I can get to put a stop to it.

One morning when they got on and dressed up in Daddy's clothes!
When my husband and I decided to try for baby number two we were excited at the thought of giving Jack a play mate. However, what we didn't consider with another child was sibling squabbles.

When I imagined adding to our brood I had images in my head of two children enjoying each others company and playing together. Not once did I imagine chasing, screaming and dare I say biting (that's Erin)!

The sibling squabbles in our house have hit another level over the summer holidays. I was initially worried about how I was going to juggle work and the Ruggies for six weeks. At the start of the holidays we were actually doing ok. We've had some lovely days out, some lovely play dates, and some lovely times relaxing at home. What's not been so lovely though is when Jack and Erin fight over the smallest of things. The squabbles tend to be over both wanting to play with the same toy, not agreeing what to watch on TV, or just invading each others space.

I do wonder if the squabbles will be the same when Erin is older. Jack is at an age now where he knows how to share and play nicely. Erin however, isn't. Perhaps once she passes this stage things might change?

I'm now at the point where I'm worrying whether I'm making the right 'discipline' decisions to nip it in the bud. I want to send the right messages to both of the ruggies and stop making excuses for Erin "because she's little".

I'm the youngest sibling in my family and I remember squabbling with my brother. I also remember my parents saying to my brother "she's only little", "you should know better" and "you're a boy and she's a girl". I felt this gave me an excuse to continue to behave how I did. It's like history repeating itself again with Erin. I'm not sure I want to give Erin all of these excuses. But, maybe I'm being a bit harsh?

So to prevent any more headaches and to make our time spent together more fun, please, please, please share your sibling squabble tips with me. I'd love to know how you deal with them!

Abbie x

They're so much cuter when they get on!





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