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Happy Births founded by Sarah Collison

Updated: Jun 28

Sarah's positive experience with hypnobirthing inspired her to launch Happy Births for parents-to-be in Berkshire. If you're expecting, I'd urge you to read what Sarah has to say...

Learning about Sarah's Happy Births hypnobirthing business has made me wish I found this wonderful Mumpreneur sooner. Six years ago sooner!

Being pregnant, giving birth, and thrown into the world of nurturing a newborn is a daunting prospect for many first-time and second-time parents. I was personally petrified about giving birth and I definitely think that impacted how my first delivery went, compared with my second when I wasn't as worried.

Sarah has created a wonderful business, group and network for parents-to-be in Reading and surrounding areas. If you have a baby on the way you should definitely check out Happy Births to see what it's all about!

A big congratulations and #WellDoneMumpreneur to you Sarah. I can't wait to follow you on your journey.


What's your business name?

Happy Births.

What does Happy Births do?

I help parents-to-be prepare for their baby’s birth and help them have a positive, calm and empowering experience.

My group or 1:1 hypnobirthing classes are held in the most relaxing homey space in Reading, Berkshire. I help parents-to-be understand how amazing the human body is to build their confidence and understanding that their choices are just that - their choices - throughout pregnancy, labour and birth. Add to this heavenly relaxation and other oxytocin-boosting techniques, it's the prefect prep for a positive birth, regardless of what twists and turns your birthing takes. As an alternative to the full programme, there's an option of a shorter workshop or a session focused on preparing for a positive Cesarean birth.

After your course, I host regular meet ups for new mums on maternity leave, and signpost postnatal support where needed, for example with breastfeeding (which I’m also currently training to offer support in), or returning to exercise.

What's the story behind Happy Births? Why did you launch it?

When pregnant with my son Noah, I underwent a huge shift in mindset around labour and birth thanks to a hypnobirthing course. At first, I was anxious and had a ‘give me all the drugs’ plan. Following the course, I was in awe of what my body was made to do naturally, and in the end had an amazing home-birth where my partner and I retained control over decisions and actually enjoyed the entire experience.

After seeing too many close friends sadly have less than positive stories about their babies’ births to tell, I became passionate in helping others achieve happier births. It honestly doesn’t feel like work. Joining a family on their journey and knowing the tools and techniques they’ve learnt help make their baby’s arrival calm and positive, well that’s just the biggest privilege to be a part of.

How do you juggle Happy Births around your family?

This is where being a single mama has its advantages! I hold my classes when Noah is with his daddy – generally on weekend mornings - which works well for my clients too.

Providing support to couples by email or phone I do after bedtime. Social media and other bits and bobs I squeeze into nap times (I’m so lucky my son still naps at age 4!)

What’s it like launching a business in Berkshire? Any tips?

We are so fortunate to have an amazing supportive network locally. I’ve met and worked with lots of other mums with businesses in the “birth and baby” field, and we have many exciting ideas up our sleeves for future collaborations.

I’ve established a great relationship with John Lewis Reading where I hold regular free hypnobirthing taster sessions. It's fab having this well-known brand back my business.

What’s been your most valuable investment for your business?

I’d say all the books I buy and read for continued development – I have an ever-expanding library of books on all things pregnancy, birth and babies!

With hypnobirthing there are a lot of teachers in the area, so when expectant parents are researching whose classes to book, their choice will ultimately come down to the person they feel the strongest connection to. My approach is about imparting evidence based birth information, and there is always something new I can learn to make sure I’m up-to-date and accurate in what I share.

I also genuinely care so much for each and every couple I meet to pass on the tools to make their birth as amazing, relaxed and personally theirs, as they deserve it to be.

What advice would you offer parents wanting to launch their own business?

Network like crazy, create genuine relationships where you can both be of help to each other, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice and guidance in the early days (or at any time!)

There is a lot of support out there and it feels great to be part of a special community of inspiring local mumpreneurs!

Give a shout out to another mumpreneur in Berkshire...

Jenni Donato – Life and Mindset Coach. Jenni has developed a 12-week programme for busy mums called the Mind Spa, which I’m nearly at the end of. It’s been a real journey getting to know myself by identifying my key drivers and values, setting a clear vision for the future, and developing a path to achieve these goals.

The 1:1 time I've had with Jenni is invaluable too as she has an amazing talent for knowing you better than you know yourself - even from spending a short amount of time talking. She then shares ways for you to overcome anything you may perceive as a barrier.

Jenni’s approach is all based around solid psychology, and I’ve noticed big changes in how I work through challenges and towards my future vision. Jenni is really passionate about helping others be their best version of themselves, so we have a lot in common!

Where can we go to find out more about Happy Births?

You can visit my website, Facebook page or Instagram profile.

If you want to hear about more Mumpreneur-run businesses in Berkshire

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