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Gift ideas for a 6 year old boy who has everything!

Updated: Jun 4

Struggling with birthday present ideas for your nearly-6-year-old and their friends? Here are 10 ideas that will go down well with the child who has everything!

10 gift ideas for a 6 year old boy who has everything!

Jack turned 6 years old this week and more than ever we struggled with present ideas for him. I mean, what do you get a 6 year old that has everything?

I spent hours trawling the internet and social media platforms. Literally, hours! We eventually decided on his gifts, but I thought I'd share some of the gems we found to help with any 6 year old birthdays you have coming up too.

I must say that Jack didn't receive all of these presents! These are the ideas we found that made the shortlist.

Happy gift hunting.

Abbie x

10 Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

  1. Hape Wooden Marble Run

  2. Racing Boat for Pools and Lakes

  3. Minecraft The Crafting Box Lego 3.0

  4. Solar System Jigsaw

  5. What's Hidden in the Woods book

  6. Mini Drone for Kids

  7. Magformers SkyTrack

  8. Racing Car Pencil Case

  9. Tikkers Watch

  10. Joke Book for 6 Year Olds

#1 Hape Wooden Marble Run

Price £27.99

More details here Hape Wooden Marble Run

Hape Toys is an American brand but they sell their products through websites like Amazon for the UK. Marble runs have always kept Jack entertained. We own two different types now. However, we recently came across the Hape Wooden Marble Run through a Whirli toy box subscription. This marble run is great as there are many ways you can put the blocks together to create different tracks and there's the option to buy add-ons to get even more out of the toy.

#2 Racing Boat for Pools and Lakes

Price £31.99

More details here Racing Boat for Pools and Lakes

We've recently found many walks with streams and rivers. A small remote control boat would be perfect to play with on sunny days at these places - as well as paddling pools in the garden! The Racing Boat for Pools and Lakes is ideal for taking on walks as it's not too heavy. It's not too expensive either.

#3 Minecraft The Crafting Box Lego 3.0

Price £75

More details here Minecraft The Crafting Box Lego 3.0

I'm not the biggest fan of Minecraft. I really don't like the zombies and swords in the game. Jack has begged me to let him play it, but I'm sticking to my decision of "No". He is only 6! The compromise is that he can play with Minecraft related toys, such as Lego. This Lego set was on his birthday list and we felt he would enjoy building the different scenes. It's a bit more pricey that I'd like, but I think Lego is here to stay in our house for quite some time.

#4 Solar System Jigsaw

Price £5.99

More details here Solar System Jigsaw

Jack has really got into jigsaws recently and this one from Usborne is the perfect size for 6 year olds at 200 pieces. They'll obviously need a bit of help, but it's challenging enough to keep them interested. It also comes with a book to explain what the planets are and how they make up the universe.

#5 What's Hidden in the Woods book

Price £11

More details here What's Hidden in the Woods?

If you've not read any of Aina Bestard books with your kiddies, then you must! We received Aina Bestard's "What's Hidden in the Sea?" a few years ago, and Jack still loves it. The books come with coloured transparent sheets and each colour reveals a different picture, allowing you to see various elements of the environment. For example, the sea book teaches children not only about fish, but the habitats surrounding the sea and the plants underneath the seabed too. There's also a "What's Hidden in the Body?" book that will no doubt be next on our list!

#6 Mini Drone for Kids

Price £40.99

More details here Mini Drone for Kids

Jack has seen a few people flying drones and thought it looked pretty cool. A drone was on his birthday list (gulp). After a lot of research we found this Mini Drone for Kids. You can fly it outside and inside. It's not ideal for windy days, but then we figured Jack would probably fly his more inside. Help me and my decor!

#7 Magformers SkyTrack

Price £69.99

More details here Magformers SkyTrack

Fans of Magformers (the magnetic tiles) will love this! A track where a mini plane navigates around your design. You can build as many different tracks as you like. If the toy is a hit there are more fun add-ons that can make the gift go even further. Great for problem solving!

#8 Racing Car Pencil Case

Price £11.99

More details here Racing Car Pencil Case

What six year old doesn't like stationary? Jack loves receiving new stationary as gifts, and a racing car pencil case would no doubt be a great gift to put all his stationary in! This pencil case holds a lot of pens and equipment and has different compartments to arrange them in.

#9 Tikkers Watch

Price £14.99

More details here Tikkers Watch

Most six year olds will be learning about time, and this watch is perfect for helping them get the hang of 'quarter past' and 'quarter to'. It also has the minutes clearly marked out around the edge, making it easy for kiddies to grasp reading the time out loud. The soft strap means it's comfy and not that easy to break.

#10 Joke Book For 6 Year Olds

Price £4.99

More details here Joke Book for Six Year Olds

These "Awesome Joke" books are brilliant! We have the book for 5 Year Olds and will definitely be collecting the rest. Jack's what you call a reluctant reader, but reading jokes takes no effort what so ever. At least it gets him reading something!

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