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Skincare review: Vitamin C Serum makes your skin glow.

Updated: Jun 28

I'm normally skeptical about skin products making a difference. But, Generation Skincare's Vitamin C Serum really works!

My skin after using Generation Skincare Vitamin C Serum for a month. Erin's face makes me smile!

[Generation Skincare gifted its Vitamin C Serum in exchange for a review. My thoughts however are honest. I promise.]

I've tried many creams over the years - even more since having the ruggies. I'm always looking for a quick fix to get rid of bags, wrinkles and general greyness.

My every day skincare routine consists of using Elemis' anti-ageing pro-collagen marine cream in the morning and at night. However, at £99 a pot, I can only afford to treat myself once or twice a year. To fill the gap in between my purchases I've been using No 7's restore and renew at just £25 a go.

I do notice the difference between the Elemis and No 7 product. Basically, the more expensive product gives the better results. You'd hope so too I guess! So, when Generation Skincare got in touch to see if I'd like to review its Vitamin C Serum (at just £13.95 a bottle), I was a dubious about the results I'd see.

My package arrived very efficiently in the post. The small serum bottle looks attractive and a bit 'medical'.

Generation Skincare advise using the vitamin C serum on cleansed skin, so that night I applied the product. You only need three or four drops on your fingertips to cover your entire face.

I stopped using my other face creams while I was reviewing the serum to make sure I got a fair result. I also used the serum for seven days before I compared the before and after effect.

Before and After shots. I don't wear too much makeup on my skin so the glow is not due to a good foundation!

I can honestly say by day three I noticed a difference. My skin looked clearer but it also radiated a glow.

I continued using the serum and found as more days went by I couldn't help but look at my skin in the mirror to admire the affects. I'm very pale so have always had grey-ish skin. But now my skin looked much brighter. Even my husband said he noticed a difference and asked if he could use some!

My only negative about the serum is it says it reduces the appearance of wrinkles. I have wrinkles going across and around my eyes that have got deeper over the past few years. The vitamin C serum definitely hasn't got rid of these. And I wouldn't say the serum has reduced the appearance of them either.

However, despite that I'm very happy with the glow it's given my skin. I'll definitely give the product a big thumbs up for that. I've been using the serum for almost a month now and there's still plenty left. I'm sure my husband has been using it day and night too as I caught him the other day smearing some on! So, I reckon one bottle will last you two months - at least.

If you fancy giving Generation Skincare's Vitamin C Serum a go you can purchase it through Amazon.

I'm definitely a convert and will be stocking up in a few month's time.

Abbie x




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