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Fearless Mother founded by Jo Tucker

Updated: Jun 28

It's refreshing to hear positive birth stories, and that's just what Jo aims to do with her Hypnobirthing, Doula and Birth Coaching business. Read on to find out more.

When discovering Jo's business, Fearless Mother, it struck a chord with me when she said, "People don't like hearing positive birth stories."

She's right. Hands up, I admit my friends and I used to 'enjoy' bonding over a glass of wine while telling each other about our horror birthing stories. I'm not sure why many of us talk about our births in this way. However, I suspect if we were having 'happy birth' chats there would be a lot more babies in this world!

Jo Tucker has created a wonderful business combining her experience to help parents-to-be with hypnobirthing, and providing Doula and birth coaching support. She's also not let the COVID-19 lockdown and rules get in her business' way, as she's still offering all of her support virtually. Amazing!

Here's a big #WellDoneMumpreneur to you, Jo!

Read on to discover more...


What's your business' name?

Fearless Mother

What does Fearless Mother do?

I am a hypnobirthing teacher, as well as a Doula and Birth Coach.

What's the story behind Fearless Mother? Why did you launch it?

When I fell pregnant, I'd only heard and seen horror stories around birth. My mum for example had 41 hours of labour with me, and the first thing she said when I told her I was pregnant was, "It hurts!"

I hopped onto Google looking for the answer to an easy birth and found KG Hypnobirthing. I read the book, listened to the tracks and birthed like a total boss!

It was so good, I was delighted, but I soon realised that people don’t like hearing positive birth stories. That's when I thought if I became a Hypnobirthing Teacher I could talk about this magic discovery to parents who were interested, and do something that would help people.

I really loved my clients and wanted to be there for them as much as possible, this is when I added Doula and Birth Coach to my offerings.

How do you juggle Fearless Mother around your family?

I have a lot of help and I also ask for help when I need it. I learnt that asking for help is essential after working through perinatal depression with my first pregnancy.

I have a lot of time to dedicate to my work thanks to my eldest child having a busy social life. Well, she did before the lockdown! My 7 month old is easy to work around for now and joins her sister and Daddy while I teach.

I have found that I'm a better parent when I get to do things that fuel my fire, so this works well for everyone. 

What’s it like launching a business in Berkshire? Any tips?

It's so much fun! There are so many other businesses in Berkshire run by mums. This also means there are lots of lovely businesses to collaborate with. 

What’s been your most valuable investment for Fearless Mother?

Investing in myself. I went on a retreat to Barcelona which involved a lot of self reflection. I find the more I uncover about myself, the more my business evolves.

What advice would you offer parents wanting to launch their own business?

Network as much as possible, be yourself and take time to work on yourself too. We often forget the last one!

What other Mumpreneur in Berkshire would you like to give a shout out to?

Akanksha Agarwal Photography. I followed Akanksha for ages pre-pregnancy because she is exceptionally talented. She did my maternity photos and I absolutely love them!

Finally, please tell us where we can find out more...

Fearless Mother's website www.fearlessmother.co.uk , Facebook page and Instagram profile.

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I'd do a little happy dance if you do!




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