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MUMPRENEUR THOUGHTS: Do you struggle to do 'nothing' too?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Instead of taking 20 minutes during Erin's nap to sit down and have a cup of coffee, I've decided to write a blog post. Anyone else struggle to do 'nothing'?

One of my aims for 2020 was to be less busy and get a better balance at work and at home. I felt good for the first few weeks in January. My pace of life seemed slower and everything was manageable. However, slowly but surely I've gone back to my old ways of cramming something into every hour of my day. Taking a step back on it all I've realised my issue is I can't do 'nothing'. Are you the same?

Davina McCall recently announced on Instagram she was going to spend a day doing nothing.

Coincidentally, after I realised my downfall, Davina McCall posted on Instagram announcing she was exhausted and going to spend the day doing nothing. Good on you Davina, I thought. However, in reality if I tried to spend a day doing nothing I'd probably succeed for the first hour then cave into temptation to turn my laptop on or do a chore.

It seems Davina's not the only one highlighting the benefits of doing nothing. There have since been more similar announcements from other celebs, influencers and brands. I've recently written a blog post for a client talking about Calm Cocoa. It's called Calm Cocoa as the founder is trained in meditation and wants everyone drinking her new luxury hot chocolate to sit and take ten minutes to savour every moment. Sounds bliss to me...

Mumpreneurs appear the worst for doing nothing.

These 'doing nothing' conversations have now started cropping up with other Mumpreneurs I interact with. Many of us have become business owners because we're trying to carve out a career while still being at home with our children. It's not an easy route, but it's certainly a fun one when you're designing and building a business that's all yours.

It seems however our drive and ambition is working us into the ground. What starts out as a 'little business', quickly starts to grow as our confidence, awareness and recommendations grow. The result is lots of us are working early mornings, nap times and late into the evening to keep up with our ambitions. While it's great to be so driven, I'm sure many of us will admit we're on our way to burnout!

I was working at a crazy level towards the back end of 2019. I said "yes" to every opportunity that came my way. And while this has been great for my business and getting a regular flow of work, I did get to a stage where I was exhausted. I had 10 hours of childcare each week, yet was taking on projects that would fill a full-time job.

Accepting that now is not the time to grow my business.

Last year was a bit of a reality check. It's hard to swallow knowing you can't grow your business when you're so ambitious. But, I've realised keeping my company small and manageable until Erin goes to school is the right thing for now.

As a business owner it's hard to not continuously work on your company. I'd work on mine 24/7 if I could. But, why do most of us think being 'busy' means we're successful? I'm the worst for this. As soon as I have any free time I'll do something for my business or blog.

However, I'm trying to take the stance that these things can wait. No-one will really notice if a non-urgent email is sent the next day, my Instagram account isn't updated or I haven't written a blog post for a while.

It's time to start putting 'nothing' on our to-do-lists.

So, with all that said from this week I'm going to start putting 'nothing' on my to-do-list. I normally cram my weekly list from 5am until 8pm. However, this week I'm going to try and dedicate some of this space to 'nothing'. The phone will be switched off, the laptop will be put away, and the dishes stacking up on top of the dishwasher will have to wait.

Here's to learning the art of doing nothing!

I'll let you know how I get on (she says with nervous twitching).


Abbie x

P.S. I'd love to hear how you manage your time or whether you struggle to do nothing too? If you have tips for switching off, send them my way!

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