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Casual Jumpsuit

Trying to be sustainable, I rediscovered my Jersey Spot Print Jumpsuit from H & M!

I admit it, I find it hard to be sustainable when it comes to fashion. I've always been a high-street-trend kind of girl who changes their wardrobe with each season.

Perhaps my way of thinking comes from studying fashion at university. When I did my degree 'sustainable fashion' wasn't on the agenda. Yes, organic cotton and organic fabrics were, but fashionistas were more bothered about keeping up with trends, not revisiting old ones.

However, I've become more aware of the impact my habits are having to our planet and am trying to be more conscious about my actions. So, one summer morning I was rummaging through my wardrobe with a "I have nothing to wear" attitude when I stumbled across my Jersey Jumpsuit from H & M.

I loved this jumpsuit when I originally bought it. To be fair, it's never washed well (I'm sure it's shrunk) but all the same it's super comfy and super cool when it's warm.

I decided to freshen the outfit up with a more on-trend headband and voila!

Outfit details:

Love, the 30 Something Fashion Mum x

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