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Boogie Mites Newbury at Cobb's Play Barn in Hungerford

Updated: Jun 28

Boogie Mites Newbury was an extremely welcoming group with lots of singing and dancing with fun props.

Lizzie, who runs Boogie Mites Newbury at Cobb's Play Barn in Hungerford, got in touch to see if Erin and I would like to pop along. I've heard about Boogie Mites before, but never had a chance to check it out. Lizzie's invitation was the perfect excuse to see what the sessions were all about.

First impressions: a welcoming and friendly group of parents

After dropping Jack off to school, Erin and I headed straight to Cobb's Play Barn. Erin's not great at trying new classes, so when she asked me where we were going, I replied "We're going somewhere to have some fun!"

She seemed ok with that. For the time being anyway...

As soon as we set foot in the door, my first impressions were how welcoming and relaxed the group of mummies and their children came across. Lizzie, who runs the sessions, was extremely friendly and reassuring too.

Erin and I took our place in the circle where she surprisingly seemed distracted by the story books and themed toys, while we waited for everyone to sit down.

The 'welcome song' is a great way to get to know everyone

The session starts with a welcome song that sings 'hello' to each individual child. It's a lovely way to start the class and engages the children right from the very beginning.

The rest of the session incorporated a variety of songs with different themes. One of the songs was "The Big Ship Sails on the Ally-ally-oh". Lizzie bought out toy boats to play with and taught us actions to the song. The props really helped set the scene for each song and kept the littlies interested.

All instruments are made from household and recyclable items

Some of the props Lizzie gave out for the songs were instruments. I noticed the instruments were made from different items and materials you'd find at home, like plastic bottles and containers. Boogie Mites believes the cost of buying instruments shouldn't stop children having the opportunity to enjoy interacting with them. That's why they're handmade using materials most people would have in their homes. It certainly gave me ideas for making new toys for Erin to play with!

The sessions are very relaxed, which means you can relax!

Another thing that stood out for me during the class was how relaxed it was. I've been that parent in the past when you feel pressure to have your child sat on your knee, be quiet at appropriate times or enthusiastically join in with actions. However Boogie Mites encourage the little ones to have the freedom to explore alongside boogying along - Erin even tucked into a snack!

The relaxed nature of the class was obviously apparent to Erin too as before I knew it she was joining in with the actions and interacting with Lizzie. This is huge for Erin as it normally takes a few classes for her to warm up and leave my side. It was wonderful to see her enjoy herself and have a little dance!

Boogie Mites ended with singing soft toys to sleep

The final song was definitely a highlight for Erin. Lizzie invited the children to choose a soft toy from a fabric-patterned bag. There was a huge variety to choose from including teddies, rag dolls and I even spotted a Care Bear. That bought back memories!

Us parents held a black parachute-style blanket over the babies' and toddlers' heads and lifted it up and down in time to the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

The children were encouraged to help their soft toys go to sleep, which was very calming. Erin loves singing her dolls to sleep at home, so she thoroughly enjoyed this part of the class!

Entry to Cobb's Play Barn is included in the price

Once the Boogie Mites class has finished the children can play in Cobb's Play Barn. This is included in the price of the session. I'm sure you can imagine how delighted Erin was that she got the opportunity to run around the play barn too!

As a parent it certainly makes the trip to Boogie Mites even more worthwhile with the Play Barn entry thrown in too. It gives you a full morning out, before you have to head home for lunchtime naps - for the babies, not the mummies of course. We wish!

Classes are pay as you go

At the end of the class Lizzie told me a few more details about Boogie Mites. So far, I was extremely impressed by the whole experience, Erin had enjoyed herself, and it was very good value for money. I couldn't then believe it when Lizzie told me the classes were 'pay as you go'. I've always found it difficult when I sign up to baby and toddler classes on a term basis. We never make them all, whether that's due to illness, nap times not going to plan or other commitments. So, the fact you can go to Boogie Mites when it suits you and get a session at the Play Barn thrown in, I'd say it's certainly a worthwhile class to try! However, the classes have been fully-booked recently so it's advised to reserve your slot online before you go.

If you want to give Boogie Mites Newbury a go, here are the details:

What: Boogie Mites is about giving children under 5 access to active music-making in a class full of singing and dancing with instruments and props.

Where: Cobb's Play Barn in Hungerford, Berkshire.

(There's also a new class starting at The Beacon in Wantage, Oxfordshire.)

When: Every Monday during term-time from 9.30am - 10.15am.

(Wantage sessions are on a Tuesday from 10am - 10.45am.)

Cost: £6. You pay as you go. The price includes entry into Cobb's Play Barn too. It's recommended you book online here before the class.

Find out more: Boogie Mite's Newbury has a Facebook and Instagram page. Cobb's website has details about the class too.

A big thank you to Lizzie for inviting Erin and I along. We'll definitely be back!

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