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Baby Massage Newbury founded by Caz Campbell

Updated: Jun 28

Baby massage classes in Newbury teach parents how to massage their baby, have a go at reflexology and take part in baby yoga!

Getting to know Caz Campbell has been wonderful. Even as a parent of two, I had no idea how beneficial massage would be to small people.

Caz has done an amazing job creating Baby Massage Newbury. Not only do her classes help a baby's digestion, immune system, congestion and relaxation, but all of these together also means better sleep for the baby - and the parents. Amen to that!

A big #WellDoneMumpreneur to you Caz!

Read on to find out more...


What does 'Baby Massage Newbury' offer?

Baby Massage Newbury teaches parents how to massage their baby, which includes Indian and Swedish massage, reflexology and baby yoga. This combination has amazing benefits for babies like improved digestion, immune system, congestion and relaxation. All of this means better sleep for babies and parents! It’s also a lovely way to bond and communicate with your baby.

It’s a very relaxed course and we have open discussions, which is great as we get to know each other. It helps parents feel at ease with aspects of being a new parent, which I think can be one of the toughest things in life.

Caz, what's the story behind your business?

I’m passionate about science and helping people, so baby massage is a perfect combination for me.

I originally studied Zoology then went into Medical Science. Going back into work full-time (which included weekends and evenings) wasn’t worth the stress after I had my children, so I trained with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

I love the science behind how massage can benefit us, and babies. The power of touch, skin-to-skin and hugs is so positive and is getting more well-known. My youngest daughter hated being in the car as a baby. When my husband was driving, I could massage her feet and she would immediately calm down then fall asleep. I massage both Leila (4 years) and Scarlett (6 years) every night as it relaxes them. It’s a lovely time for me too.

I started teaching with the hope of spreading these and many other benefits to help parents. At the end of each course, parents can come back for a craft class, making baby hand and foot print pebbles and other crafts. It's creative and social - being creative is my other passion!

How do you juggle your own business around your family?

I teach classes when my children are at school, so I can juggle these well. I fit in emails, social media and marketing when I can - it often means evenings and weekends. My husband is around during this time so we can swap over – however it does mean less time as a unit of four or a couple.

What’s it like launching a business in Berkshire? Any tips?

I find word of mouth very powerful for businesses in Newbury, Berkshire. I’ve had a lot of customers coming from recommendations from their friends. It’s a small enough town where you’re bound to have a mutual friend which is lovely.

Social media plays a big part and there are lots of local-to-Berkshire groups online. I say “play” as I now find social media fun to do. I disliked it for a while!

Mums In Business Association (MIBA) is an amazing networking group for mums. Its helpful, supportive and fun. The group has local networking events in Newbury and Reading, a very interactive Facebook group and online training on business and social media.

What’s been your most valuable investment for your business?

All the training I’ve done and continue to do. I think there’s always something new to learn, as well as learning things that may have changed – be it research in science or social media trends.

I’ll continue to do training courses through colleges, associations and online, as well as reading books, listening to talks and podcasts.

What advice would you offer parents wanting to launch their own business?

Listen, network and absorb, then use that information to decide what works best for you.

Always remind yourself why you’re doing what you do and think about your unique selling points. Such as:

  • What are your values and beliefs?

  • What words would people use to describe you?

  • What images or feelings do you want to portray to your customers?

Have a detailed vision of your ideal customer and what you can do for them. If you’re passionate about what you do, it won’t feel like selling, as you have a solution to your customer’s problem.

Finally, write lists! Here’s a mini list I have regarding self-development:

  1. If you miss being in a “team” or going into an office, think about ways round this like joining an out-of-work “team” or networking

  2. Write a gratitude list and give yourself positive affirmations everyday

  3. There’s no failure, just feedback – embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn

  4. If you have self-doubt, write down the evidence for and against your thoughts. Then write the advice you would give a close friend if they were having these doubts

Give a shout out to another mumpreneur in Berkshire...

Hannah Forbes-George is an amazing mumpreneur in Newbury. We did NCT together so our eldest daughters are the same age and we’ve been good friends for seven years.

Hannah has successfully grown her health business and also helps other women make a social media success of their business. Hannah and her sister Bex host a fantastic Facebook group called “Facebook Blastoff with Han & Bex” which has loads of great advice and training on all things social media.

Finally, where's the best place to find out more and follow you?

Facebook www.facebook.com/babymassagenewbury ; Instagram @babymassagenewbury




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