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Authentic Baby Photography founded by Rachel Murphy

Updated: Jun 28

Newborn and baby photography based in Reading, Berkshire.

It was a pleasure to get to know Mumpreneur Rachel, and how she turned a hobby she loved into a successful business.

What a wonderful photography business you have created Rachel. A big #WellDoneMumpreneur to you!

Read on to find out more...


What does 'Authentic Baby Photography' offer?

Newborn and baby photography.

Rachel, what's the story behind your business?

I’m a Mum of three and decided to start my photography business when I was 6 months pregnant with my youngest. It seemed as good a time as any!

It was never my intention to become a professional photographer, it started as something I enjoyed as a hobby. I started taking photos of my own children and was often asked by friends and family to photograph theirs. It spiraled from there!

I started off photographing families, before deciding to take my hobby seriously and invest in training to photograph newborns and weddings. After a few years, I decided photographing newborns was where my passion was. I started to focus on these photoshoots and develop my own recognisable style. I made the decision to fully embrace this niche and have since opened my own studio to focus on simple, honest newborn photography (i.e. no buckets, no props!)

Alongside my own photoshoots, I also mentor other photographers to help them achieve the same success for their businesses.

How do you juggle your own business around your family?

Being my own boss fits around my young family perfectly. I’m able to plan my workload and work flexibly around their needs, meaning I can get to most of the many appointments/sports days/Christmas plays that come with having three kids.

There are times where it becomes a bit overwhelming. I'm not the best at separating work/Mum life. Running a business can be an all consuming role and sometimes feels like it needs 100% of my time and attention. That's when I know I need to take a step back and remind myself why I’m doing it - to fit around my kids and allow me to be there for them.

I love running my own business and absolutely adore being behind the camera, It’s also my time to be me and not Mummy! 

What’s it like launching a business in Berkshire? Any tips?

Running your own business can sometimes be isolating. I’ve tackled this by reaching out and building relationships with other local business mums. We meet for coffee and chat all things business, as well motherhood! I’m a huge believer in community over competition and think we are stronger working together. There are some great business groups and networking events I attend regularly which have helped me become part of a community of inspiring women.

What’s been your most valuable investment for your business?

Business mentoring, 100%. In the first couple of years I thought I needed to invest in the best camera equipment or editing software, which is where I initially spent all of my money. Then came more technical training and working with some fantastic photographers to improve my skill.

All of that was necessary and valuable, but it wasn’t what helped me grow the business to what it is now. It’s not what brought me more clients. As a creative I thought it was all about the photos I took, when actually it’s the business side I needed help with.

As soon as I started working with a business mentor my business started to grow rapidly and I was able to identify what I needed to focus on. One of the biggest things was my own mindset. Once I worked on unlocking these things, I began to really move forward and was able to achieve what I knew I was capable of.

What advice would you offer parents wanting to launch their own business?

Go for it! We often don’t allow ourselves to dream big. We often think things aren’t possible. But, they absolutely are! 

What other Mumpreneur in Berkshire would you like to give a shout out to?

Rachel Bradley of Gossip Girl PR. She's created an awesome community for business women in Berkshire and holds monthly networking events in Reading. She’s super lovely and super inspiring.

Finally, where's the best place to find out more and follow you?

Authentic Baby Photography website

Facebook @authenticbabyphoto

Instagram @authenticbabyphotography




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