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Hi! I'm Abbie aka Mummy

Before you ask, yes Ruggie 2 (we call her Erin) has a tissue under her neck. Don't ask me why. She does it often. Kiddies are funny little things. This photo has confirmed that a) I need to get better at taking selfies b) I need a manicure!


So about Mummy & the Ruggies. If I'm honest, this is my second blog. My last I put to bed after my son Jack was born and work took over. Since then I've been (trying) to carve out my own freelance career to find a job I can manage around Ruggie 1 (he's called Jack) and 2 (that's Erin). It's not been easy. Finding the work has actually been easier than managing it around the children. But I know it's not forever, so I continue to plough on. 

I'm a freelancer copywriter and part of my work is blogging for various brands. I love it. And feel lucky I can call it work. However, I've missed blogging for myself. Now Ruggie 2 is (dare I say it) more manageable, I feel now is the time to blog for me again. 

I love writing about our family musings so I can look back on our adventures in years to come. I can't promise my posts will be interesting. We're your average family of four. You'll also find me blogging about what's going down in Newbury town. I've been bringing Jack and Erin up here for the past five years (with my handsome husband, Pete). Being at home with my children every day means I'm forever Googling "things to do this week". Hopefully, I can help out a little here. Not that I'm sizing myself up against Google. I'm small fry!

Oh and finally, why 'Ruggies'? My husband, that's Pete, is always coming up with names for the kiddies. We've got Jackelyn, JD and Coke, Erin Berin and Chalky, and that's just the start. Ruggies (we're from the Rugrats generation) is something he often calls the pair. It's stuck. 


So here it goes...I hope you like.

If you want to get in touch, please do, I like to talk.

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